To our cutie main vocal, Jaehwannie

KenD, Kenjumma, KenKen, American Ken, Spider Ken…your many nicknames befit your quirky personality and the larger than life individual that you are. But not once do they belie you immense talent. That soulful, enviably versatile voice that can tackle any genre, range or level of difficulty with aplomb; the confidence with which you take up the most ridiculous dares or strut across a stage decked out in a wig, heels and pink manicure; the extra helpings of aegyo that you were most definitely born with, because who really is cuter than our KenKen?

Its this very same ball of aegyo (who takes pride in his big nose) that makes us question our faves when you take to the red carpet, all suit and coiffed-up sex hair, looking like a Tolkien-esque woodland elf and sounding like a dreamboat. Really Prince Ken…Ken you not confuse our poor hearts? *sigh* Ottokaji?

So to the enigma that is our other main vocal; the adorkable cutie pie who genuinely loves to lighten and brighten everyone’s day…here’s a wish on your special day

Happy Birthday, Prince Ken!

[6th April, 2014]

wonshik + hair colors

Touching Ken’s body causes his charms to activate (¬‿¬)

Ugh. I just saw a re-post of some of my Hongbin gifs from the MTV: The Show webcam session.

  • TOP: 하나부터 열까지 모든 게 다 한 수위, 모래 벌판 위를 미친 듯이 뛰어봐도 거뜬한 우리
  • Me: gabjkgoasglamsjbsa HAN SOO WI, mvnsjugpaughsoagsnffk HAN WU RI

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